Bachelor's degree project 


This is a place for craftsmen and craft enthusiasts to meet and gather. The meeting place encourages exchange of handcraft knowledge. Skills and techniques are to be passed on from the expert to the beginner, from the old to the young. 


Furthermore, this space may be seen as a contrast to the mass production and consumption society of our time. Value is brought to the origin of material, the time put into shaping and creating from those resources, and the handmade creation itself. 

The design process mainly consisted out of making handmade drawings and handmade models. Sketch modells were used as a tool to explore and make decisions about the design. 

The project makes use of a vacant plot, and proposes venues for craftsmen in connection to the town center. Five craft workshops and a larger store combined exhibition space connects to Hemmelska Fridens Square below. Space is provided for crafting with metal, paint, textile, wood and clay. The workshops can open up and craft activities are thus given the opportunity to be brought out into the urban environment around the buildings.