Compostable Architecture 

Master's degree project 


Similarly to us humans everything inhabiting this Earth has a certain lifespan, where the parts making up the whole functions well and operates gracefully. There is no exception for architecture. Buildings age, they do not remain intact forever. Time leaves traces and marks on structures through weathering and human activity.  Buildings constantly change, they are unfinished entities. 

Should architects perhaps design the end of life stage with the same care and attention as we design the upbringing of buildings?

Seen above a retake on Frank Duffy’s Shearing Layers Diagram. After use this  proposal and all its organic parts will deteriorate and compost. 

Shown in the fotograph is the project site. Proposed is a garden in-between four wooden stables in direct connection with a pedestrian walkway. It will be centered between the old and what is soon to become a new residential area, in a citizen dense urban environment. 

In total there are six different structural components that are repeated and can be assembled into one complete structural entity. The majority of pillars are constructed as pergolas. In tune with seasonal changes plants thereby are part of creating the architecture by climbing and filling the garden vertically with greenery.